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Our designers are well-versed in all types of themed entertainment technology. Our talented team of designers hail from diverse backgrounds; from themed entertainment, to live events, to large venue audio, video and control systems, and even maritime entertainment design and life safety. We plan, design, and draft audio, video, lighting, special effects, and control systems on any scale. However big your idea, we can design a system for you that will make it look, sound, and feel just as you imagine.

We fully understand that the unique constraints of your project require specific solutions. We carefully evaluate your requirements and devise a solution just for your application. We leverage our experience to confidently recommend the right system components for your particular project. Our art department can produce technical, artistic concepts suitable for presenting to stakeholders and key decision makers. We can also help you write requests for proposal, standards, scope of work matrices, and other documentation. Only once you are satisfied with the concept and plan will we move on to the technical design.

Our designers and engineers produce drawings and equipment lists that are complete, easily understood, and meet the exacting standards of our partners. We believe that integrators should be able to read our drawings quickly, relate them to the real world environment, and know exactly what is required for installation. You will receive comprehensive, accurate drawings to explain the constituent parts and the signal flow. We will also provide you with all the relevant supplemental documentation for your new system.

from blue sky to blueprints




Technology solutions for your experience.

We promise to deliver to our clients exactly what you read in our name.


Covering a wide range of entertainment disciplines, our Thinkers thrive on the challenges of mastering new technologies. Their combined decades of experience position them well to tackle your most challenging projects and to bring your big ideas to life.

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In today's world of ever more technologically advanced entertainment the need for innovative and accurate programming is more important than ever. Our team of veteran programmers with backgrounds in the entertainment industry and other relevant sectors are the key to getting the most performance from your system. Thoroughly versed in all aspects of show control systems, they are skilled with QSC Q-SYS, Medialon, TAIT Navigator, Alcorn McBride Inc., and more. We have programmed for multiple projects which have won TEA (Themed Entertainment Association) Thea Awards.
Development services offered by Forward Thinking Designs include show control programming, and network design and commissioning. We also write custom Q-SYS plugins and, if necessary, can even provide software solutions from scratch. Whether tuning your audio system to perfection, scripting your show control system to trigger at precisely the right moment, or even developing custom software, we can make the different parts of your system work together. We also pride ourselves on exploring the latest technologies, and in finding new and exciting ways to leverage established products. We stay ahead of the curve, so that your project will stand out from the rank and file.


from blueprints to functionality

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Explore our collection of plugins for the Q-SYS™ ecosystem, carefully designed and programmed by our team of Thinkers to meet the needs of our clients and end-users.
Have an idea or need for something beyond what you see here? We also offer custom plugin development. Please contact us directly at for a quote or more information.


'bespoke' is our favorite word

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Designs defines our creative approach in a creative industry all about experiences.

Thinking defines our solutions and how those solutions come from the minds of our diverse team of people.

Forward defines our dedication to technology and progress.

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