The Technology Solutions Provider for your Big Idea

Forward Thinking Designs is your award-winning design firm for audio, video, lighting, and show control systems. We specialize in themed entertainment venues, and have proudly worked on theme parks around the globe. We've designed for the largest and most technologically advanced cruise ships in existence. Our portfolio is rounded out with museums, stadiums and even corporate boardrooms that demand best-in-class results.

Our clients look to us for technology solutions that are both practical now and future-proof. We are ready to partner with you to solve the difficult technical problems and help you bring your big ideas to life.


Technology Partners

There are many fine choices for audio, video, lighting, special effects, and show control systems. Over the years, we've come to expect a high level of quality and reliability from certain vendors, but we're ultimately manufacturer-agnostic. We're not loyal to one particular brand; we're loyal to the right choice for your project.

DSP Plugin Catalog

We have our own catalog of DSP plugins for QSC Q-SYS. We developed these tools in house because they didn't come in the box. We've found them to be indispensable over the years, and we continue to refine and polish them for select clients and other professionals (who also appreciate the additional features and utility.)

Our proven plugins improve the capabilities of your DSP system, and can also decrease your overall programming time.