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The Player is an advanced audio player plugin for QSC Q-SYS. Features include ramp, duck, scrub, loop, gain and mute controls, for up to 64 independent channels. It's the only player you need.


thePlayer 16ch Big.png

Ottomater is a cue-based show control plugin for Q-SYS™. It supports timecode and can be used with third-party plugins.


Ottomater Screenshot.PNG

UCI EQ is a versatile equalization plugin for Q-SYS™. It features a parametric EQ, live real-time analyzer, and can be placed directly on your UCI. Put a full-fledged EQ directly in your UCI.


UCI EQ - EQ Page Full.PNG

SPL Logger is our loudness metering and logging Q-SYS™ plugin. Easily calibrated and fully configurable, SPL Logger can help you ensure and prove safe sound pressure levels in your environment.



Prayer Time Scheduler is a QSC Q-SYS plugin for automatically scheduling and playing Islamic calls to prayer. Includes 7 different calculation methods, a built-in audio player, and event triggers before and after prayers.


Prayer Time Scheduler - Status.PNG

TouchPage is a smart touchscreen paging plugin.

Interface creation is automated, and settings are hot-configurable while the system is running. TouchPage also offers customization to meet different Performance Specifications and many other features. 

Touchpage uci.png

CueGo is a wireless remote triggering system for QSC Q-SYS systems. Consisting of a plugin and proprietary hardware, CueGo provides a convenient way for show operators to wirelessly trigger up to 8 cues in up to 16 shows, and offers great flexibility and additional features.

isolate box.png

Onboard Player is an advanced GPS triggering and audio playback plugin for QSC Q-SYS systems. Includes up to 256 GPS Triggers, polygonal regions, release distance, and GPS logging. Designed with mobility in mind.

Onboard Player - Full Control.png

Trace is a calibration plugin for QSC® Q-SYS™ systems, using Rational Acoustics' Smaart®. Trace combines named Q-SYS EQs and Delays with data from a remote instance of Smaart, and presents it on a single screen.


Trace Prelim UI 2.png

Speaker Test is an automatic speaker testing plugin for Q-SYS™ designed to give users a tool for automated checking and reporting of speaker health in a room environment.


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