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We offer a selection of plugins for the QSC® Q-SYS™ DSP ecosystem, carefully designed and programmed by us. We specialize in creative solutions for a variety of technical problems, whether commonplace or especially niche. You can read more about our plugins below or on their respective pages.

We also offer custom plugin development, whether you are an end user, department head, or a vendor. If that's your situation, please contact us directly at


Trace is a calibration plugin for QSC® Q-SYS™ systems, using Rational Acoustics' Smaart®. Trace combines named Q-SYS EQs and Delays with data from a remote instance of Smaart, and presents it on a single screen.

Trace Prelim UI 2.png

Onboard Player is an advanced GPS triggering and audio playback plugin for QSC Q-SYS systems. Includes up to 256 GPS Triggers, polygonal regions, release distance, and GPS logging. Designed with mobility in mind.

Onboard Player - Full Control.png

CueGo is a wireless remote triggering system for QSC Q-SYS systems. Consisting of a plugin and proprietary hardware, CueGo provides a convenient way for show operators to wirelessly trigger up to 8 cues in up to 16 shows, and offers great flexibility and additional features.

isolate box.png
20200929 TouchPage_w_nobg.png

TouchPage is a smart touchscreen paging plugin.

Interface creation is automated, and settings are hot-configurable while the system is running. TouchPage also offers customization to meet different Performance Specifications and many other features. 

Touchpage uci.png

Prayer Time Scheduler is a QSC Q-SYS plugin for automatically scheduling and playing Islamic calls to prayer. Includes 7 different calculation methods, a built-in audio player, and event triggers before and after prayers.

Prayer Time Scheduler - Status.PNG
20200426 SPL Logger no FTD_v1 white.png

SPL Logger is our loudness metering and logging Q-SYS™ plugin. Easily calibrated and fully configurable, SPL Logger can help you ensure and prove safe sound pressure levels in your environment.

20200522 UCI EQ Logo no bg-03.png

UCI EQ is a versatile equalization plugin for Q-SYS™. It features a parametric EQ, live real-time analyzer, and can be placed directly on your UCI. Put a full-fledged EQ directly in your UCI.

UCI EQ - EQ Page Full.PNG
20200327 Ottomater Logo white.png
20200327 Timeline Controller Logo white.

Ottomater is a cue-based show control plugin for Q-SYS™. It supports timecode and can be used with third-party plugins. Ottomater also includes and uses our Timeline Controller plugin.

Ottomater Screenshot.PNG

The Player is an advanced audio player plugin for QSC Q-SYS. Features include ramp, duck, scrub, loop, gain and mute controls, for up to 64 independent channels. It's the only player you need.

thePlayer 16ch Big.png

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