Precise scheduling and playback for calls to prayer

Prayer Time Scheduler is an audio playback scheduling plugin for QSC Q-SYS designed to play Islamic calls to prayer.

This plugin offers venue operators the ability to easily add daily calls to prayer at the precise correct time, according to the official schedule.

A built-in audio player and additional event triggers make Prayer Time Scheduler the clear choice for automating your venue's calls to prayer.

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7 Different Calculation Methods

Support for seven prayer time calculation methods for different geographical regions.​

  • Egyptian General Authority of Survey

  • Islamic Society of North America

  • Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura

  • Muslim World League

  • Umm al-Qura University, Makkah (default)

  • Union des Organisations Islamiques de France

  • University Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi

Automatic Calculation

Prayer times are calculated automatically by the plugin each day using the appropriate calculation method.

Built-in Audio Player

A built-in audio player makes setup simple, allowing for different audio files to be automatically played at each prayer time.

Additional Event Triggers
  • Optional triggers, one pre-prayer and two post-prayer are provided for each prayer time allowing for flexibility and custom control.

  • Sunrise and sunset times are also connected to their own triggers.​

  • One typical use case is:

  1. Fade out background music before prayer time using the pre prayer trigger.

  2. Play a call to prayer audio file at the scheduled prayer time.

  3. Play a second announcement after the prayer using the post prayer 1 event.

  4. Fade background music to the normal level after the second announcement using the post prayer 2 trigger.

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Prayer Time Scheduler - Settings - Crop.
Accurate Synchronization

NTP or GPS synchronization are used to ensure the Prayer Time Scheduler clock is always accurate.


Internal NTP

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) client is implemented inside the Prayer Time Scheduler plugin, allowing for multiple NTP sources and detailed error reporting.

Dedicated GPS Support
  • No internet or local NTP server? Use a GPS receiver to always keep Prayer Time Scheduler on the right time at any location, no internet required.

  • Capture your exact latitude and longitude for the GPS receiver.

  • Supports any standard 1Hz or 5Hz NMEA 0183 Serial GPS receiver. Tested with the popular and affordable Garmin 18x LVC.

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Middle Eastern Customers:

Prayer Time Scheduler is also available through GSL Professional. Please contact them at gslprofessional.com for sales and support.

Prayer Time Scheduler



Use of the plugin is contingent on your acceptance of our Plugin Software License Agreement. The plugin will function in a limited demo mode until activated with a license key purchased from Forward Thinking Designs.

For volume licensing or specific questions, please message us on our Store page contact form.

License Keys are manually generated and usually sent out within two hours of your purchase for orders received from 9 AM - 5 PM EST.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Q-SYS™ is supported?

Version 8.2 or later are supported.

For Cores running Version 9.0 and later, Prayer Time Scheduler must be updated to v1.1.0.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

  • A Q-SYS™ Core running version 8.2 or later.

    • Use of Q-SYS™ plugins such as Prayer Time Scheduler requires a Q-SYS™ Core Scripting Engine Software License

  • GPS source (optional) if GPS clock source is desired.

What GPS receivers are supported?

Prayer Time Scheduler is designed to work with any 1Hz or 5Hz NMEA 0183 GPS receiver that outputs the Recommended Minimum Specific GPS/Transit Data (RMC) NMEA Sentence to RS232. 

The plugin is officially tested and supported with the popular and affordable Garmin 18x LVC and Garmin 18x 5Hz receivers.

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