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Full-featured parametric equalizer plugin, optimized for QSC® Q-SYS™ User Control Interfaces.

Now supports Q-SYS Control iOS app for iPad!

UCI EQ is a versatile audio equalization plugin for QSC®'s Q-SYS™ platform. It is designed to give users an EQ tool that includes live RTA data, and is easily placed on a UCI (User Control Interface) in Q-SYS™.


EQ up to 16 channels with one instance of the plugin. Display your EQ curve on top of your RTA and use it on your UCI. Copy and paste settings between channels. Scale up if needed with an additional license or two and run multiple instances of the plugin on the same core.

UCI EQ is an incredibly smart equalizer plugin for Q-SYS™, and the only one you'll need.

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PUt it on your UCI.


8 Band EQ

Adjust frequency, gain, and Q values for up to 8 different bands. Choose from parametric, high shelf, and low shelf filters. Your EQ curve is drawn over your RTA output and updated in real time as you make changes to your bands.

16 Channels

Each instance of the plugin supports 16 channels, enough for small to medium live performances. Need more channels? No problem - multiple instances of UCI EQ can be run with additional licenses.​

Versatile RTA

The real-time analyzer can show pre-EQ and post-EQ results, or ​use the dedicated RTA input to monitor audio after additional post-processing.

Designed for UCIs

The smart, clean design is intended to use UCI EQ on your own UCIs. Colors are customizable for ease of use in your environment or to match the rest of your color scheme.

Copy and Paste

Quickly copy and paste your settings between channels. You can even copy and paste settings between multiple instances of the plugin.

The EQ with IQ.

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Use of the plugin is contingent on your acceptance of our Plugin Software License Agreement. The plugin will function in a limited demo mode until activated with a license key purchased from Forward Thinking Designs.

For volume licensing or specific questions, please message us on our Store page contact form.

License Keys are manually generated and usually sent out within two hours of your purchase for orders received from 9 AM - 5 PM EST.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Q-SYS™ is supported?

Version 8.2 or later.

Which UCI Viewers are supported?

Q-SYS™ Designer, Windows UCI Viewer, TSC Touchscreen Controllers, and iOS Q-SYS Control are all supported.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

  • A Q-SYS™ Core running version 8.2 or later.

    • Use of Q-SYS™ plugins such as UCI EQ requires a Q-SYS™ Core Scripting Engine Software License

    • Use of User Control Interfaces requires a Q-SYS™ Core UCI Deployment Software License

    • iOS Q-SYS Control version 3.3.2 is required for iPad deployment

  • RTA Input requires a microphone to be in the active environment.

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