Advanced GPS triggers and audio playback for Q-SYS™.

Onboard Player is an advanced GPS triggering and audio playback plugin for QSC Q-SYS systems.

Onboard Player was designed with mobility in mind, and offers  unmatched functionality.

It's the perfect solution for parades, tour buses, park shuttles, ride vehicles, and other location applications.

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Modular Design

Onboard Player's essential functionality is GPS-based triggering. Multiple routes or vehicles, directional triggers, and integrated audio players are all optional, and can be turned on or off as required for your project.

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Advanced GPS Triggering

256 Triggers

Manage up to 256 regions or points of interest.

16 Routes

Group Triggers together using up to 16 Routes.

GPS Logging

Record GPS activity automatically for later use.

Radius Triggers

Define a circular region based on distance from a single given point.

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Polygonal Regions

Precisely define a a geographic region based on a series of points.

Release Distance

Prevents undesired double-triggering by creating a buffer around a trigger region, which the GPS receiver must exit before the trigger is reset.

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+Heading Triggers

Add directional context to your GPS Triggers. GPS Triggers can be fired selectively based on the direction of travel.

Built-in Audio Player

There's no need to connect a separate audio player for the most common playback tasks. Add your audio file directly to the corresponding GPS Trigger.

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Drive carefully - Core On board.

Onboard Player

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Use of the plugin is contingent on your acceptance of our Plugin Software License Agreement. The plugin will function in a limited demo mode until activated with a license key purchased from Forward Thinking Designs.

For volume licensing or specific questions, please message us on our Store page contact form.

License Keys are manually generated and usually sent out within two hours of your purchase for orders received from 9 AM - 5 PM EST.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Q-SYS™ is supported?

Version 7.0 or later.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

  • A Q-SYS™ Core running version 7.0 or later.

    • Use of Q-SYS™ plugins such as Onboard Player requires a Q-SYS™ Core Scripting Engine Software License.

  • ​GPS receiver - Garmin 18x 5Hz recommended.

    • Onboard Player is designed to work with any 1Hz or 5Hz NMEA 0183 GPS receiver that outputs the Recommended Minimum Specific GPS/Transit Data (RMC) NMEA Sentence to RS232. 

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