Page station plugin supporting multiple languages, 3rd party hardware, automatic UCI generation, and runtime configuration.

TouchPage is the definitive paging station plugin for QSC Q-SYS.


The latest release supports multiple languages, automatically generates clean, user-friendly UCIs, and can be configured while the system is online. TouchPage also offers full interface customization and compatibility with 3rd-party hardware.


Easy to Configure
  • The simplest and most flexible Q-SYS paging experience available.

  • Assign and label zones, quick selects, and spiels, on up to 150 buttons, all without taking the system offline or recompiling.

Fully Customizable
  • Colors, selection modes, button indicator behavior, and more are all user configurable.

  • Prompts can be customized to suit your standard procedures and practices.

Speaks Your Language
  • Interface supports up to 8 languages with user-supplied translations.

  • Edit labels during runtime without recompiling.

  • 1-click configuration export and import.

Touch Screen UCI
  • User Control Interfaces are automatically generated for your QSC TSC size and button count.

3rd Party Hardware

Ready To Page


Contact us to order


Use of the plugin is contingent on your acceptance of our Plugin Software License Agreement. The plugin will function in a limited demo mode until activated with a license key purchased from Forward Thinking Designs.

For volume licensing or specific questions, please message us on our Store page contact form.

License Keys are manually generated and usually sent out within two hours of your purchase for orders received from 9 AM - 5PM EST.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Q-SYS™ is supported?

Version 8.3 or later.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

A Q-SYS™ Core running version 8.3 or later.

Use of Q-SYS™ plugins such as TouchPage requires a Q-SYS™ Core Scripting Engine Software License.

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